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Joint Venture & Guest Blogger Information

Amy Lynn of Saving Amy Blog
New mom and small business supporter, Amy Lynn, is the woman behind the Saving Amy blog, covering a broad range of topics: Budget Living, Thrifty Shopping, Upcycling, and some stuff in between. Have a sunny day!

Interested in reaching the Saving Amy blog and social media audience? I would love to mutually work together!



  • Joint Ventures (JVs) / Promotional / Coupon Codes*
  • Giveaways
  • Guest Bloggers**


*Joint Venture Disclaimer:

I will not promote products that I do not already use or need myself. In the case of a product that I have not used or needed before for myself or my family, I will not consider offers that do not align with my needs, wants, and audience.


**Guest Blogger Guidelines:

  • Content should be relevant to my audience, therefore on any of the following topics:
    • Central Maryland / Washington D.C.
    • Saving Money / Deals
    • Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
    • Family
    • Fashion (Adult & Young Kids)
    • Food & Beverage
    • Gifts
    • Home / Lifestyle
    • Travel
  • Content and suggested titles are subject to editing, mostly for grammar and spelling, as well as search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Links within content should direct traffic to your own site, no affiliate links. Saving Amy’s own affiliate links may appear on the page, along with a disclaimer.
  • Photos need to be of professional / high quality to be used along with your content.
  • Content minimum: 500 words.
  • Content maximum: 1,000 words.


Contact / Request Media Kit and Rates

Interested to learn more or work together? Contact me:


I apologize in advance if I don’t respond to every inquiry, as there are many. I choose to work with brands for which I would be most likely to purchase from myself anyway. Helps me to stay true to my own brand. Thank you for your understanding.