Halloween Hand-Outs Found at Costco Warehouse Club

This Halloween, Think Beyond Candy

My husband and I are huge Costco Wholesale Club fans. We paid a visit this past weekend, while instant rebates were on for several staples that we consume on a regular basis. During our trip, we checked out the aisles for Halloween goods and holiday gifts, and stumbled upon the fun-size “Trick or Treat” Play-Doh that we handed out last year, as well as 20-packs of popular character puzzles for kids in tin cans. It’s not that we have an allergy among us, we just know that kids are getting way too much of the sugary stuff on the annual holiday and we’d like to give something a little different. We weren’t quite thinking through the Play-Doh only idea last year, since those with Celiac disease cannot play with it — hand-to-mouth contact or consumption would cause issues with the gluten-sensitive. So, we added in the puzzles this year.

The “Trick or Treat” Play-Doh minis are $13.99/pack here at our Central Maryland Costco store. Comes out to about $0.18/each.

The puzzles were $12.69/pack, or $0.63/each.

Costco simply has the best stuff to hand out on Halloween night. Check out the Halloween goodies aisle next time you’re there and don’t be afraid to think outside the box for a treat-beyond-the-sweet.

DIY Ghosts

DIY GhostsThe ghosts you see in the left of the above photo, those are simply pendant light sconces, sitting on top of terracotta flower pot saucers spray painted black. A black permanent marker will allow you to fill in the eyes and mouth for the ghosts. Add a battery-operated candle tea light to the inside of each for a glow-in-the-dark effect. Most, if not all of the items you’ll need to make these, you’ll find at your local home improvement store.

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